Forms, Permits & Rentals

(Questions, call the town office at 746-1230)

APPLICATION FOR ABSENTEE BALLOT.  To request an absentee ballot, please complete the application and forward to the Clerk, Town of Sevastopol, 4528 State Highway 57, Sturgeon Bay WI 54235. Absentee Ballot Request Form.  The request can also be emailed ([email protected]) or faxed to (920) 746-1245.  As of 2015, you will need to include PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION with your absentee request.  There are exceptions to this rule:  indefinitely confined, permanent overseas, military and confidential voters.  Call the town office at 746-1230 for more information.  See Election Information tab for election dates.

DOG LICENSE.  All dogs are required to be licensed.  You can obtain a dog license from the town office in person or by mail.  Provide proof of vaccination (it will be returned with your license).  Fee is $3 for spayed or neutered and $8 for intact. Application Dog License

OBJECTION TO PROPERTY ASSESSMENT.  If you wish to appear before the Board of Review and object to your property assessment, you will need to complete PS-115A Objection to Real Property Assessment Property owners can find lots of helpful information on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website, and look at Publication 060 "Guide for Property Owners" and Publication 055 "Property Assessment Appeal Guide."

OPERATOR'S (Bartender) LICENSE.  If you are serving & selling alcohol beverages at an establishment, you are required to have a license issued by the municipality in which you are working.  The license fee is $10. Operators License Application

TEMPORARY CLASS B (Beer/Wine) PICNIC LICENSE.  Available to clubs, associations, churches and societies for events lasting less than 4 days to sell beer and/or wine.  The fee is $15 (license and processing).  Remember, a licensed operator must be present at all times. Application for Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailers License

APPLICATION FOR IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY (IoH) to exceed limits.  The Town of Sevastopol does have a policy governing IoH and Agricultural Commercial Vehicles (Ag CMV) operation on roads.  Abiding with 2013 Wisconsin Act 377, single axle limit @ 23,000 pounds and gross weight on 5 or more axles @ 92,000 pounds.  You can view the entire policy under "Ordinances & Resolutions" link. No Fee Permit Application I o H & Ag CMV or download fillable MV2582 form from Wisconsin DOT,

RENTAL OF FACILITIES:      TOWN HALL.  The community room at the town hall is available for rent and accommodates up to 120.  There is a kitchenette, plenty of utensils, coffee pots, sink, large refrigerator, microwave, but no stove/oven--more of a catering setup.  There 120 upholstered chairs and 20 banquet tables.  Rental fee is $150 for town residents, $200 for nonresidents, plus security/key deposit.   Rentals in accordance with our use guidelines.  To download reservation form and use quidelines: RENTAL AGREEMENT 2021

TOWN PARK PAVILION. The ballfields and  pavilion at the town park in Institute (corner of Ripp Road & Hwy 57) are seasonably available.    There is plenty of parking area, baseball field, 2 softball fields, playground, bathrooms, concession stand, tennis/basketball courts.  The rental fee is $75 for residents, $100 for nonresidents. Sevastopol Town Park pavilion form updated 2021

DRIVEWAY PERMIT.  In order to be in compliance with minimum standards and specifications, driveway permits are required.  Correct installation and culverts, if needed, assure proper drainage and access for emergency vehicles.  There is no fee.  For driveways on Town roads,  Driveway Permit Wetland Notice & Ordinance. If you are on a County road (for example Cherry Road which is actually County HH, Gordon Road is County BB, Bay Shore Drive is County B), contact Door County Highway Department at 746-2500.

PRIVILEGE IN STREET AGREEMENT.  For excavation/placement of utility lines across/below town road surface. Privilege in Street Agreement for Utilities

BUILDING & ZONING PERMITS.   Permits are required for new construction, additions, remodeling, moving structures, and demolition. Door County Zoning Ordinance is applicable in Sevastopol, always contact the Door County Zoning Department at 920-746-2323 to obtain a zoning permit before starting your project.

Building permits are issued by Inspection Specialists, LLC, Brett Guilette, 920-495-3232. Here is a sample permit and fee schedule Remember, zoning permits (setbacks, use, footprint, etc.) is obtained through the Town via Inspection Specialists, LLC.  Sevastopol - Permit Requirements

The town does have a Building Permits, Inspection Fees, and Building Code Ordinance, adopted in 2011. Building Code Permit. Fees are as established periodically by the Town. Please check with the Building Inspector for current fees on new structures, remodels, accessory buildings, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, razing, commercial, agricultural, and other applicable fees.

BURNING PERMITS.  Burn permits are required for open burning of brush, leaves and vegetative debris.   Permits are available from the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department (920-746-2916).  There is no fee. Burning Permit
Burn permits are not required for recreational campfires in a fire ring or fire pit; please use caution, consider the wind conditions and have water handy to extinguish.

COMPOST SITE.  Sevastopol residents can use the City of Sturgeon Bay's compost site on Division Road for an annual fee of $100.  Brush, grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste can be deposited there.  Compost is also available for purchase.  Call City Municipal Services at 746-2912.

FIREWORKS.    The possession, sale and use of fireworks is strictly regulated in Wisconsin.  Unrestricted (no permit required) "fireworks" include sparklers, stationery cones and fountains, toy snakes, smoke bombs, caps, noisemakers and confetti poppers with less than 1/4 of a grain of explosive material.  These are the only kind of fireworks that a person may use or possess without a permit or that may be sold to a person without a permit.  For example, firecrackers, roman candles and bottle rockets are illegal without a permit.  A permit may only be issued by the Town Chairman or some other designated official and is only valid in that town.  Only associations, organizations or a group of individuals can hold a permit.  Call the Town office at 746-1230 for more information.  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding fireworks: Wis Attorney General's Opinion on Fireworks Law

ROOM TAX.  Sevastopol is a member of the Door County Tourism Zone Commission.  If you offer transient rentals (less than 30 days stay), you must obtain a lodging permit and collect room tax.  You can apply for a lodging permit by completing a  Lodging Permit Application.  A monthly room tax report is due within one month following the month you are reporting, for example reporting for period ending July 30th, report is due by August 31st.  Monthly Room Tax Report. Instructions  Instructions for lodging permit application. Questions, call the Tourism Zone Commission at 920-854-6200.

In order to better help property owners understand the requirements for transient rental in Door County, the DCTZC has a new video to assist in educating those who may be considering rentals or who may already be renting without a permit.  The YouTube link for the video is:

EXCEEDING WEIGHT LIMITS.  The Town does have a policy on Implements of Husbandry (IoH) and Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV).    Policy Governing IoH and Ag CMV Dec 2014.   Applications for permits to exceed established weight limits shall be on forms as prescribed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  Please contact the town office (746-1230) for updated form and process.

REQUEST FOR RECORDS.  The public may obtain information and access to records in the custody of the clerk or other officers, make requests for records or obtain copies of records.
 Notice of Records Access    Request form for Access to Records

APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE.  Organizations may request temporary closure of a town road for neighborhood block party, recreational events (a walk or run) or other special occasions.  Please complete for and submit to the town office.  Application for Temporary Road Closure..  For closure of a State Highway, contact the town office 746-1230 as the request must come from the municipality.

ZONING PERMITS.  A zoning permit is obtained from Door County Planning & Zoning - 746-2323.  The Town of Sevastopol follows the Door County zoning ordinance.  A county zoning permit is required for construction, compliance with setbacks, use, wetlands and other zoning regulations.